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Ninja Course

Material: Aluminum Truss Warranty: 1 year Age: Children/Adult

Ninja Courses are obstacle racing training grounds, suitable for challenging and developing strength, endurance, coordination, agility and balance. Ninja Courses mainly for Teenagers and young people. It’s an entertaining activity where participants can exercise, race and develop their abilities in a safe environment.

The number of tracks and obstacles on the Ninja Courses depends on where the training ground is built and the capacity customers demand. Ninja Courses can combine with trampoline, Climbing Wall, exercise equipment and other facilities for indoor and outdoor use.

Modular galvanized pipe frame: The Ninja Courses are made up of the same size modules, which can create individualized barriers and various sizes of training ground, the structure can be extended in any direction.

Adjustable degree of difficulty of the entire barrier

A platform for each training ground to start and end

Use a safety mat to secure the extra platform between obstacles

Safety floor (foam pad, inflatable cushion or foam pit)

Steel and soft mesh safety fencing

On request, a timer and a screen showing the results can be provided

1. How long does it take to manufacture, delivery and install a Ninja Course?

It is about 7-10 days

2. Is there a minimum age requirement for using the facility?

Ninja Course is recommended for participants who are over 8 years of age. Participants must also be 130 cm or taller.

3. What is the facility's capacity?

It depends on the number of lanes that the course has. A ground-based Ninja Course can have as many as 30 people per hour, per lane. An elevated course’s capacity is about 20 people per hour, per lane.

4. What is the minimum height for an elevated Ninja Course

The minimum column height for an elevated Ninja Course is 4.5 meters.