High Ropes Course

High Ropes Course

Item Number: Kira-CT03 Material: Steel frame, ropes,larch Warranty: 1 year on steel frame Certification: CE, ISO 9001 Age: depending on difficulty, also suitable for older children and adult Value: Fitness, agility, balance, ingenuity, social competence

 Our ropes course equipment concept is safety for guest. We strive to R&D interesting elements and build each ropes course under high quality standard. Our Adventure ropes course can be installed indoor or outdoor and are suitable for all sites. We will double check before it is put into operation.

Our ropes course activity that appeals to everyone: not just for adult, but also kids,  teenagers and families. Visitors can expect an experience full of fun, exercise and challenges.



New-style elements: Air racing, sleigh, theme elements

Suitable for tourists of different ages: Large swing, children's play

Large air rest platform, can be the main banquet, all kinds of activities

Assemble a varietyof thrilling extreme sports: Bungee jumping, rock climbing, line slip



High ropes course is inspired by the crystal structure, four poles for a crystal structure, it is free for customized design and combination according to customer’s requirements. The crystal structure is increase the stability of the equipment and utilization rate, ensure maximization use of customer sites. Each two poles and platform suspended frame supported with connecting rod. The observation platform is set up according to the structure, the area can reach 80-200 square meters and support 30-80 people at the same time.


Structure Poles Elements Capacity
KT-4 4 15 20 persons
KT-6 6 27 40 persons
KT-7 7 36 50 persons
KT-10 10 57 75 persons
KT-12 12 69 90 persons
KT-13 13 78 115 persons
KT-14 14 87 130 persons
KT-18 18 96 160 persons



Our High Ropes Course with high safety standard Intelligent security equipment. It is double protection for climber, when you open one lock, the other can't be opened. Our self-locking safety hooks is independent R&D by our engineer, it is unique in China.



 Colour coating: The steel strusture is coated of paint that will be provide additional protection against corrosion.