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Kira is committed to develop to be the leading brand in amusement equipment field, integrating R&D, production, design, marketing and after-sales in unit.

Our main products are as following: Rope course adventure ,trampoline park, ninja course, rock climbing, soft playground. These products combine sports and entertainment which is suitable for 2-60 years old people. 

After many years development, kira gradually formed three major business products systems: professional kids indoor playground, quality education base construction, landscape tourism equipment. The products had built in big theme playgrounds, large commercial plazas, tourist attractions, family center, Children indoor playground, sports regions,schools or social facilities and etc.

The factory is located in Nansha district, Guangzhou and with an area of about 10,000 m². There are including factory building, steel structure workshop, paint workshop, soft package workshop, carpentry workshop.Introduction of the country’s most advanced production machinery and equipment. Plant up to 10 meters, can produce and assemble special customized amusement equipment. There are also with convenient transportation, it is near highway, subway and high rail station.